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Kim An An Co., Ltd is one of the most leading suppliers of quartz stone powder in Vietnam. Our products are mined from Ngan Son quarry (Bac Kan) with the highest quality in Vietnam with a purity rate of 99.4%, impurities less than 0.02%. Not only taking the lead in input materials, but we also always put responsibilities to customers as a guideline. Strictly tested quality, constantly improving production technology, Kim An An Co., Ltd always brings customers the best quality products. Currently, quartz is being used in many industries such as: artificial quartz stone, paint technology, electronics, water purification, chemistry, ceramics.... Therefore, we are well aware of our top mission that is to deliver to customers the highest quality products, services and supply chain solutions in the industry.



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Kim An An Co., Ltd. is always at the forefront of updating technology and production lines. We aim at automation standards and modern machines to produce high quality products.


The factory with an area of ​​2 hectares is located in Thanh Binh Industrial Park, Bac Kan province with a capacity of 60,000 tons/year, equipped with the most modern machinery and advanced equipment systems.



Our quartz stone powder is a high-quality product, 100% exploited from Vietnam, so we always ensure the source of raw materials and product quality. That is the foundation for the development of quartz stone industry in Vietnam.

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The mission of Kim An An company is to bring the best products to customers. With a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and workers, we always put the responsibility to customers first.

Color separation technology of quartz stone products Color separation technology of quartz stone products

Kim An An factory in the third quarter has just completed and installed ANYSORT brand color sorter. Color separation (also known as color grading) is an indispensable step in the...

Artificial Quartz Stone Artificial Quartz Stone

Artificial quartz is a mixture that is delicately blended between 99% quartz powder and 1% other additives by polymer resin glue. Depending on the wishes and needs of customers,...

Investment perspective 2020: Paving stone industry Investment perspective 2020: Paving stone industry

According to research by The Freedonia, the total global demand for artificial quartz stone in 2018 reached about 53 million m2 and is forecasted to grow by an average of about 5.5% per...


Lot B1, Thanh Binh Industrial Park, Cho Moi, Bac Kan




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Applying advanced Korean technology with a team of qualified and professional engineers and workers.